Ethyl Classic, Classics, Style Names, and Style Numbers FAQ

Where can I find Ethyl Classic?  What is Ethyl Classic?


Ethyl Classic is one of the brand names used by the Ethyl Clothing brand in the past and is printed inside many different styles.  Long story short:  Ethyl Clothing has retained the sizing and fit of the Ethyl Classic label that you know and love, including the waist hitting about 1" from the naval, but simply changed the branding to Ethyl Clothing for consistency.  To find the style name and style number you need to look at the tags located inside the garment.

Where can I find Euro?  What is Euro?

Euro was a brand used by Ethyl Clothing and we will continue to make our most popular Euro styles.  If you are a fan of of our Euro styles quality and fit we're sure you'll love our other styles;  The sizing and fit is the same.  To see what Euro styles we have available click here.

Where is the style name and/or the style number?

 Style Name and Style Number

The style number is located inside the waist band of our pants along with the style name. This style's style number is E41FTMD and its style name is KISHORI.  Using either of these will help you find the style on our website but we recommend the style name.

How do I find my favorite style on your site?

To find a specific style on our website, search using the style name of the garment.  To find E41FTMD KISHORI, search for "Kishori" by clicking the magnifying glass located on the upper right hand side of our website. 

How do I find my favorite style in a different color or fabric?


If you'd like to find the same style in different colors or fabrics, search using the first name that is listed on the product's page;  This is the pattern name.  In this case the pattern name is "The Olivia Classic French Terry".  More details about each style are located on that styles page.

Can I find a style by using the RN#?  What is an RN#?

 RN Number

The RN# listed in all of our styles is our company's Registered Identification Number with the Federal Trade Commission.  All of our styles have the same RN#.  Fabric content, country of origin, and care instructions are also often on the same tag.

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