7 Rules for Finding the Perfect Jeans

Chris Eckman

Posted on April 21 2024

If shopping for jeans is not exactly fun for you, you're not alone. Many women of all ages have trouble finding jeans that fit well and feel comfortable on their body, though it seems to get even harder with age. But don't give up. Jeans are an important staple in anyone's wardrobe, regardless of age or body type. Just follow these tips to get a pair of jeans you can confidently wear anywhere you go.

Choose Midrise Jeans to Look Slimmer

Midrise jeans are flattering on just about everyone, especially anyone who doesn't have a tiny waist. That's because low-rise jeans can create the muffin top look while midrise jeans can help hold in the midsection. High-rise jeans can do the same, but some women find them harder to move in and therefore less comfortable, so be sure to try both styles to figure out what works for your body.

Lengthen Short Legs with Flared Jeans

Sure, no jeans will actually make your legs longer, but you can fake it with the flared style of jeans. This type of jean can make your legs look a little longer than they really are. Flared jeans are also good for women who have larger thighs since they can make them look a little slimmer.

Know That Dark Wash Jeans Are Flattering

When in doubt, go for dark jeans. These look good on just about everyone because they have a slimming effect. Luckily, they also never seem to go out of style, as shoppers have been choosing Ethyl jeans with a dark wash for years. Of course, if you're thin and want to add some weight to your frame, a lighter wash will do the job.

Use Bling to Enhance Your Backside

If you're trying to make it look like you've got some curves, choosing jeans with lots of details on them will help. Jeans with rhinestones and other bling on them are great for adding a little bulk. Similarly, pockets on the back of the jeans will give the illusion that you have a larger backside than you actually do.

Choose Plus-Size Jeans Carefully

If you're looking for the perfect plus-size jeans, search for midrise to high-rise in a dark wash. Choose jeans made from stretchy material whenever possible, since they can create a streamlined look. Plus, they're just comfortable at any size.

Pick Jeans That Complement Wide Hips

If you have larger hips and want a style of jeans that will look good on them, start with high-rise jeans. Then keep in mind that both boot-cut and straight leg jeans are flattering on women with wider hips, especially when you opt for the dark wash in stretchy material. Try to avoid jeans with side pockets, since these will add bulk to the hip area.

Buy Jeans That Look and Feel Good on You, No Matter Your Age

You can confidently wear jeans no matter what age you are, but that doesn't mean you should forget about your age completely as you shop. If you're not exactly in your teens anymore, a low-rise style with lots of rips in the legs might not flatter you, and bling jeans simply might not appeal to you. But that's okay, because there are plenty of jean styles that will. Regardless of how old you are, you can use these tips to find the jeans that look best on your body.

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